Pool Services

Aqua Clear Pool Services provide several quality services:

  1. One-Time Cleanings
  2. Weekly Full Service
  3. Additional Services Depending on your Specific Pool or Spa and Type of Filter.

Weekly Full Services

  • Chemical water testing

  • Supply and add all industry standard chemicals on an as needed basis.

  • Document filter pressure, water test results and chemicals added.

  • Remove debris from water

  • Brush walls steps and tile

  • Vacuum pool floor walls and steps on and needed basis

  • Empty pump and skimmer basket

  • Visual equipment inspection

Additional Services

Installation Of New Equipment:

  • Variable Speed Pumps

  • Auxiliary Pumps

  • Filters

  • Heaters

  • Salt Water Generators

  • Pool Sweeps

  • Automation Systems to Include Upgrades

  • Pool Plastering or Pebble Tec


  • Pool Surface Cracks

  • Acid/Chlorine Wash

  • Replace Mastic

  • Valve Body Replacements

  • All O-Rings

  • Pool Sweeps

  • Filter Parts Replacement

  • Heater Repairs

  • Solar Panel Repairs

  • Replace Actuators

  • General Troubleshooting

Aqua Clear Pool Services