Frequently Asked Questions

Industry Questions

What kind of licenses are required for a pool service company in the state of California?2019-01-24T13:25:01-07:00

A pool service and maintenance company is required to have a business license and liability insurance. If a pool service company does work that requires a permit such as pool installation or that changes the property composition, California requires that company to also have a contractors license.

Is there a pool industry standard for the training of pool service employees and technicians?2019-01-24T13:20:30-07:00

Yes. It is called the “Certified Pool Operator” course. This course teaches the industry standards according to the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) for swimming pool operation and maintenance with an emphasis on pool water chemistry and balance. The NSPF and CPO certification program is the most current, comprehensive and widely accepted resource in the pool service industry.

How do I know that I am receiving a good quality service for my money?2019-01-24T13:10:50-07:00

The short answer is, you usually get what you pay for. That being said, pool water balance is based on chemistry.

Chemistry is a science, and proper chemical testing and water balance takes time. If a pool service doesn’t spend much time at your pool, you might not be getting the best service.

Pool Problem Questions

Why is my Pool Green?2019-01-24T13:30:08-07:00

Usually a green pool means you have an algae bloom. The pool should be treated with a disinfectant or an algicide. A translucent green pool is mostly likely caused by the presence of copper. These copper particles must be removed through shock treatment and the addition of chelating or sequestering agents and then vacuumed out.

Why does it seem I am using more chemicals than usual?2019-01-24T13:42:55-07:00

There cam be a number of reasons why. When Aqua Clear Pool Services visits a pool for the first time, the initial water test we do is to check for your calcium hardness and cyanuric acid level. If these two tests exceed the maximum levels for ideal water balance, we can conclude immediately your overall pool water condition is out of balance. One example would be if your cyanuric acid level is too high, your chlorine will have little to no effect. Pool water that is not being tested and balanced properly most likely will have additional problems.

Why do my eyes burn when I swim in my pool?2019-01-24T13:36:14-07:00

This is due to a high level of chlorimines. Chlorimines are the by-product of chlorine bonding to organic materials such as perspiration, bodily fluids and other contaminants such as lotions. One method to remove chlorimines is to add a mega dose of chlorine. Usually 3-6 times more chlorine than a normal dose is added to the water, or the level of chlorine is raised 5 to 10 ppm and held there for 4 hours.